Posted on: February 13, 2010 5:41 am

Top 5 NBA All-Star Weekend Paticipants, All Time

1)  Michael Jordan -- Is there any list this guy doesn't top?  Not only did Mike turn the dunk contest into a Poster Party, he also competed in the 3-point Shoot-out and no one will ever forget that free throw line dunk -- Nike made sure of that....but honestly, does ranking MJ 1st ever need much explanation? 

2)  Larry Bird -- The Legend won the first three 3-point Shoot-outs, that fact alone easily gets him into the top 5.....but my favorite story is when he walked in that locker room and asked the other participants, "Which one of you guys is finishing second?"  Classic.

3)  Spud Webb -- At a mere 5'7", Anthony "Spud" Webb truly brought the Dunk Contest into it's best run, popularity-wise.  His array of lobs to himself which ended in dunks highlighted by his amazing air time were magnificent.....and, because of his height, it seemed he was in the air fffffooorrrreeevvvvveeeerrrrr

4)  Craig Hodges -- Like Bird, Hodges also won 3 Shoot-outs in a row.....no small feat.  Truthfully, after that first win, it seemed the contest was going to be his to lose for as many years as he chose to enter it.

5)  Dominique Wilkins -- The Human Highlight Reel -- most appropriate nickname ever -- 'Nique had more varieties of wind-mills than thought possible....and there was just something about his flair -- from jumping off two feet, to legs flailing, to those power finishes....plus the guy was 6'9"!!!!!   Freakishly awesome.

Wow, after looking at this list, one thing is painfully obvious -- the NBA's All Star festivities have lacked some, well, greatness lately -- let's hope the league also senses this trend and tries to get the 'stars' more involved -- it IS supposed to be for the fans
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