Posted on: February 4, 2010 4:36 am

Top 5 NCAA Basketball Home Court Advantages

This is what I consider to be the current hardest places to win a road game in college hoops

1)  Kansas -- the obscene talent isn't the only reason the Jayhawks hardly ever lose at home -- that chant, ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KAYYYYYY -UUUUUU, is about as intimidating as anything -- very eerie -- very cool

2)  Duke -- hard not to put the Dookies #1, and if this was 15 years ago, probably would -- however, the Crazies are still maniacal and their atmosphere can literally demoralize Duke's opponents.

3)  Wisconsin -- THE most underrated team of the last 20 years, no debate, no doubt -- and they simply don't lose at the Kohl Center -- there have been plenty of far more talented teams venture in, but the Badgers will defend their home turf, time and time again.

4)  Pittsburgh --  through all of their ups and downs, the Panthers do one thing consistently....win at home -- they've lost something like 11-12 games total since opening their new building -- good enough for me

5)  Syracuse -- the Orange simply get it done at home -- as a Hoya fan, one thing I can do almost every season is look at our schedule and find an "L" when we're @ the 'Cuse -- hate it, but true
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