Posted on: February 14, 2010 11:24 am

2 Simple Ways to Fix the NBAs Dunk Contest

These are so simple they don't need much explanation at all:

Idea 1)  Turn the contest into a game of HORSE, dunk style.  Each participant has to mimic the previous player's successful dunk, or 'get a letter' -- I think it would be more entertaining than the current format because the players would be trying dunks they've never tried before.....THAT would better define who is the better dunker

Idea 2)  Raise the goal -- let the players show off who can really FLY -- imagine LeBron doing a 360 on a 12 foot goal??  Yo!!!  Judges wouldn't be necessary.  Any trick dunk on the highest goal wins. 

I'm sure both of these ideas have their flaws, but ultimately, I feel like either format would far exceed the snooze fest we have now.


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