Posted on: January 31, 2010 7:38 am

Top 5 NFL QBs of All Time

1. John Elway - Maybe somewhat biased, but #7 did more with less than any other QB I can remember watching.  True, he did not win a Super Bowl until was surrounded by great talent, Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe, Mark Schlereth, Rod Smith, etc -- but he did make the big game 3 other times while sharing the field with Ricky Nattiel, Sammy Winder, Claerance Kay, seriously??

2. Joe Montana - Always a winner - made great players elite - had the good fortune of being highly skilled while being coached by legends and having teammates of such caliber as Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Brent Jones, John Taylor -- His entire career was shared with Hall of Fame teammates, while Elway was only that lucky for the final two of his (both Super Bowl wins)

3. Peyton Manning - Has proven to be the unquestioned best player during his career.  All that lacks is time and, potentially, more Trophies.  If so, #18 could sail up this list.  No other player, let alone QB, knows the game like Manning.  When his career is over, assuming not shortened by injury, don't be surprised to see his name alone at the top of this list.

4. Steve Young - Oh how amazing the numbers could look if 1) he wasn't stuck behind Cool Joe in SF or, 2) being sentenced to Tampa for the start of his career or, 3) if Lawrence Phillips knew how to block.  Nonetheless, this guy was insane on the field -- a surgeon's accuracy plus the ability to run, run, run -- hated the niners, loved watching him play.  Plus, the guy threw SIX touchdowns in a Super Bowl -- Yo!

5. Kurt Warner -- Alright, a little bit of a shocker to most.  But, listen to the facts:  He made 3 Super Bowls and was twice named league MVP.  Plus, the three highest passing totals in Super Bowl history....1) Warner, 2) Warner, 3) Warner.  This guy was undrafted!!!  Only got the start in STL when Trent Green hurt his knee in the pre-season.  I can remember then-coach Dick Vermeil literally crying (shocking!) during the press conference, wondering aloud, "what are we gonna do?".  What they did was give the keys to Kurt Warner -- turns out it was the best torn ACL of Vermeil's coaching career.
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