Posted on: February 22, 2010 5:34 am

2010 Spring Training Power Rankings

2010 Spring Training Power Rankings


1)      Philadelphia Phillies – explosive offense plus they added stud Roy Halladay – Doc should enjoy feasting of NL hitting after spending all of his previous time in the slugger infested AL East – the NL is theirs to lose


2)      NY Yankees – neck and neck with Boston for title of Best Staff in Baseball – the Yanks bats put them over the top, however – the Sox can’t compete with Tex, ARod, Granderson, Jeter and company


3)      Boston Red Sox – their pitching staff is deeper than the Yankees, if not better – the addition of John Lackey is huge – and if Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia return to their old form, watch out – C/1B Victor Martinez is dark horse MVP candidate


4)      St Louis CardinalsAlbert Pujols alone would elevate any team to Top 10 status, but these Redbirds can pitch, too – Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright both are coming off Cy Young caliber seasons, and the Cards locked up Matt Holliday to protect Prince Albert


5)      Tampa Bay Rays – Most of the pieces are still in place from their World Series run a couple seasons ago, but David Price is the key, his improvements (or lack thereof) will be echoed by the club


6)      Seattle Mariners – Simply put, they had the best offseason of any other team.  Signing Cliff Lee and Chone Figgins were huge.  The top of that lineup features Ichiro and Figgins??  Then you’re faced with a 1-2 of Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee??  Seattle should cruise to the AL West crown


7)      LA Dodgers – the best young talent in baseball – assuming their pitching holds up, those young bats (plus Manny’s old one) should keep Torre’s Dodgers in the hunt all summer


8)      Colorado Rockies – had an incredible finish to last season….and now Jeff Francis returns – should be a great race between LA/Colorado/SF for that division


9)      Minnesota Twins – the M&M boys should be at it again – Mauer and Mornueau are beasts – and as per usual, they’ll find just the right mix of pitching and defense to quietly win another AL Central crown


10)   Atlanta Braves – this staff is starting to send the same kind of fears Rockin’ Leo’s used to in the 90s – Tommy Hanson will be a star, and Tim Hudson says his arm feels better than it has in years – as long as Jair Jurrjens shoulder issue is minor, these guys could contend now – of course, they’d need almost everything else to go right and an MVP-type season out of Nate McClouth


11)  SF Giants

12)  Chicago White Sox

13)  Chicago Cubs

14)  Texas Rangers

15)  Florida Marlins

16)  LA Angels

17)  Arizona Diamondbacks

18)  Milwaukee Brewers

19)  NY Mets

20)  Detroit Tigers

21)  Oakland A’s

22)  Houston Astros

23)  Cleveland Indians

24)  Cincinnati Reds

25)  Toronto Blue Jays

26)  Kansas City Royals

27)  Baltimore Orioles

28)  Washington Nationals

29)  Pittsburgh Pirates

30)  San Diego Padres

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